1) Are your products pure veg?
Ans : Yes all our cakes aswell as other products are pure veg.
2) Do you make personalized cakes ?
Ans : Yes we do make personalised cakes with quantity as low as 1kg.
3) What is the minimum number of cakesicle’s or cupcakes we can order?
Ans : For cupcakes the minimum order is a pack of 6 where as cakesicle’s minimum order is pack of 3.
4) Do we do free home delivery?
Ans: Yes we do free home delivery (*conditions applied)
5) Do you prepare vegan cakes?
Ans : Yes we prepare vegan cakes, with a minimum quantity of 1 kg and above.
6) What is the maximum & minimum number of students in your workshop?
Ans: We conduct a workshop with minimum of 4 and maximum 6 students per worksop.
7) More details of workshop?
Ans: Workshops held by us.

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